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The Majestic Beauty of Gujarat

The majestic beauty of Gujarat

Gujarat tourism has made Gujarat a very popular tourist destination and tourists flock this place throughout the year. Therefore, a lot of hotels in Gujarat have been made available for tourists. It houses a number of hotels and guest houses which can be used by the tourists while they visit Gujarat.

Not only the hotels in Gujarat, but even the tourists destinations are spell bounding. The majestic beauty of Gujarat is so explicating that tourists and especially couples prefer going to Gujarat rather than going to any other place for holiday.

Within the city you have a lot of options to commute from one place to another. You can hire an auto rickshaw or a taxi.

Gujarat is very much fond of eating and that’s why there is a lot to be offered to a gourmet in Gujarat. But, in spite of being food lovers they are not lazy or fat in general. The reason being the nutritional value of the food they eat.

The snacks like dhokla, khandvi, daal dhokli, fafda etc are delicious foods which are popular round the world.  Some other popular snacks include cholafali, ghooghra, mathia soonvali, hahdwoh, kachori, khakra, and khaman. For ease of travelers, these dishes now come in easy to carry parcel packets. Thus, you can keep them for days together without a fear of them rotting.

The comman breads prepared in Gujarat are bajri no rotlo (Bajre ki roti), bhakhri, dhebara, and thepala. The food should not at all be missed while you visit Gujarat.

The luxurious hotels in Gujarat include Madhubhan Resort & Spa, Sheraton Ahemdabad, The Grand Bhagwati, Lemon Tress Hotel Gujarat, Hyaat Ahmadabad, etc. Apart from these there are a number of budget hotels which have been made available to the tourists.

The best places to be visited while you visit Gujarat are:

The Dwarkanath Temple

The Somnath Temple

The Takhteshwar Temple

The Akshardham Temple

The Kalika Temple

Apart from these religious places, there are a lot of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries also. All these tourist attractions have made Gujarat a growing tourist destination.

For more information on Gujarat tourism, you can visit www.tourismgujarat.com. All the important information for tourists has been given.

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