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Gujarat- Unbelievable and Exotic State

Gujarat- Unbelievable and Exotic State

Apart from its colorful costumes and sweet tongued people, if there is something else for which Gujarat is famous for is its exclusive cuisines. Even though Gujarat has a major coastline, the food in Gujarat is mainly vegetarian. This is due to the influence of Jainism as well as Hinduism in Gujarat. The nutritional content in Gujarati food is very high which makes it healthy. There are plenty of Gujarati dishes that you can savor upon. The unique thing about Gujarati dishes is that each dish is made in a different style. Thus, the taste varies to a very large extent.

Along with mouth watering food, Gujarat is also famous for its natural beauty and structures. This state is known as the most fast forward large-scale industrial state in the country. Tourism in Gujarat was never given heed to until the past couple of years. But now good focus is being given to Tourism in Gujarat. Tourism in Gujarat is being promoted by none other than Big B.

To reach Gujarat, you can take a train, flight or bus depending on the distance of the place you are in. For getting details on Gujarat tourism, you can visit the internet.

The people are as colorful as the state itself. Their lifestyle motivates and inspires people coming from across the globe. Modhera dance festival is known to be the most famous festival of Gujarat. The international kite festival is the next very popular festival of this colorful state. The Sabarmati Aashram has been transformed into a museum and has been dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. Rann utsav is another great tourist attraction. This festival reflects the idea of entertainment as well as the cultural occasions of rural parts of our country. The festivals of Gujarat are participated by people from different states. They are a big hit. The state is highly influenced by religion. Hinduism being the main religion of this beautiful state, Navratri is the main, iconic festival of this region. The black buck national park is also a huge tourist attraction. This park gives a good view of the migratory birds.

The recent development of Guajarati tourism has made these spots very popular.

For more details on Gujarat tourism of this state you can visit www.tourismgujarat.com

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