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Gujarat and its Majestic Beauty

Gujarat and its Majestic Beauty

The state of Gujarat is a very colorful state. It is known for its rich wealth which is depicted by the picturesque landscapes, the great historic sites and ling stretch of the coastal lines. It is located on western coast of the country and is bounded by Arabian Se on the western side, Madhya Pradesh on the south eastern side, Pakistan- Rajasthan on the northern side and Maharashtra on the southern side. The point which is most commodious for entering this state is, through Ahmadabad.

The colorful and vibrant, state of Guj has a great historic legacy. This area remains as seat of the great historic dynasties such as Solankis, Shahs and the Peshwas. As per the legends of this state, Gujarat has got its name from the tribes of Gujarat. These people migrated during the fifth century. A trip to Gujarat will definitely leave you spellbound with its color full and its historic temples and the rich and diverse architectural culture. You can experience all this by picking any of the tour packages to Gujarat. Gujarat tourism has flourished like anything since past few decades. The Gujarat tourism has grown so much that it has chosen Big B as its brand ambassador.

The people of Gujarat are warm-hearted and they portray the rich and vibrant vultures of this beautiful state. The people of the state like wearing dazzling embroidered attires. The women would be seen in a lot of jewels as well as ornaments. The embroidery of Kutch is popular across the globe. It’s laced with the mirror works and also lay in vibrant colours. The clothes are made by the tribal’s of the state. The art of Kutch is done with beads, textiles, beads and colors. The other items of handicrafts which are popular include the silver-ware, metal ware, terracotta and stones work.

The exotic and rich wildlife of the state is also a prized Possession. The wildlife makes this state unique as well as special. The visitors can visit the Gir national park and wildlife sanctuary which is the crown of Gujarat. The national park sprawls across an area of fourteen hundred kilometers ad comprises of mixed-deciduous forests, the evergreen as well as semi green vegetation with wild animals like Asiatic lion. So choose your tour packages to Gujarat and enjoy.

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