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Amulya Gujarat

Amulya Gujarat

Undhiu, thepla, bhajia, gathiya, are some of the most famous Gujarati dishes. These dishes are spicy and made with vegetables, floor, etc. Sweets also constitute as a major part of the Gujarati cuisine. You will find some of the most exotic sweets in Gujarat.

The most popular ones are basundi, halasan, keri no ras, ghari ghebar, shrikhand and sutarfeni.

The Gujarati Thali is the typical meal of Gujarat. It has a roti, rice, dal, shaak, papad and pickle. Buttermilk or tea is the beverage taken along with thali. Desserts include either mangoes or laddoos.

There is a dish for every season in Gujarat subject to the availability of veggies. During summers, the consumption of spices is reduced.

Apart from its delicious delicacies, Gujarat is also known for its tourism. There are a lot of tourist places in Gujarat. Some of them include:

  • The Sabarmati Ashram situated on the banks of Sabarmati,
  • The Black buck national park. A sheer pleasure for the wildlife lovers
  • Akshardham temple for a divine experience

And there are many more such amazing tourist places in Gujarat to be visited. For accommodation, there are a lot of budget hotels. If budget is not a constraint then you can find the most luxurious stay here in Gujarat. The state is absolutely clean (especially the tourist places in Gujarat) and the people are very friendly. Thus, you will not find any issues during your stay here.

By picking up one of the most economical Gujarat tour packages, you can enjoy a very comfortable and luxurious holiday.

If you are getting married and wish to gift your bride the loveliest gift, then nothing can be more beautiful than one of the Gujarat tour packages.

For taking a tour to Gujarat you need at least ten days. There are a number of places to be visited by the tourists. The prices of the Gujarat tour packages may vary from four thousand to forty thousand. The price of the package depends totally on the facilities you wish to avail.

For more details on Gujarat tourism, you can visit www.tourismgujarat.com.

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